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Go beyond being a tourist and become a traveler, a nomad, and an adventurer.

Our team of Wellness Warriors help students discover what wellness means for them in beautiful places. Sometimes, getting away from the day to day is the best way to rediscover your true self and happiness.

We plan and lead yoga focused wellness retreats around the world, combining fitness disciplines, Yoga+Surf, Yoga+Aerial Arts, Yoga+Running. We partner with local businesses and charities to provide an authentic travel experience. Past locations include Bali, Indonesia; Sardinia, Italy; Alajuela, Costa Rica; Chilan, Chile and Yosemite National Park and Santa Cruz in California.

Upcoming retreats include Reykjavik, Iceland, Scoul, Switzerland, Havana, Cuba, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Bali, Indonesia, Sardinia, Italy.

Public group retreats and intimate private group retreats are available for a week or a weekend. We can choose to sight-see, detox, or immerse in local charity projects while practicing yoga (physical and mental) and relearning healthy habits to take home. A work life balance can only be achieved if you have the right tools.

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