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5:30pm Ashtanga 1/2 Primary

7:00pm YogaWorks Flow  (YogaWorksLive)

7:00am Vinyasa Yoga
8:30am Vinyasa Flow (YogaFlowSF-live stream)
5:30pm Ashtanga 1/2 Primary
7:00pm YogaWorks Flow  (YogaWorksLive)

5:30pm Ashtanga 1/2 Primary
7:00pm Restorative Yoga (YogaWorksLive)

6:30am YogaWorks Flow (YogaWorksLive)

8:00am Foundations of Flow (YogaFlowSF-live stream)

Magical Serenity Yoga Retreat in Morocco (new dates TBD)

Morocco | March 19 - 25 2020
$2,000 Per Person
6 nights

From the city to the mountains, explore the wonders of Morocco as...


Yoga, Food and Culture in Sardinia, Italy (new dates TBD)

Italy | September 21 - 27 2020
Announcing soon
6 nights

Enjoy the perfect blend delicious food, amazing yoga and...

Sold Out


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Our Founder

Nadine Johnson started practicing yoga to relax. While working 12 hour days and traveling over 100K miles per year, yoga helped her stay healthy and thrive in her creative career.  She started teaching to help,others find a healthy balance in life. She has always integrated her consistent practice of Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative Yoga in her teaching.  

Her love of circus training and Aerial Arts supports a strong and vibrant practice and safe teaching. She provides clear and concise direction to help take your practice to the next level. When she’s not traveling the world teaching workshops and retreats, you can find her in San Francisco, California.

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