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Yoga, Food and Culture in Sardinia, Italy (new dates TBD)

Italy | September 21 - 27 2020

Announcing soon

Enjoy the perfect blend delicious food, amazing yoga and Mediterranean culture.

Serenity in Spain - from the city to the sea

Spain | March 9 - 15 2020
$2,300 Per Person
6 nights

Celebrate yoga and the culture of this enchanting region of Spain

Magical Serenity Yoga Retreat in Morocco (new dates TBD)

Morocco | March 19 - 25 2020
$2,000 Per Person
6 nights

From the city to the mountains, explore the wonders of Morocco as...


Back Strength and Flexibility ~ A Workshop

| October 2 2019
$25 Per Person
1 night

A fun workshop to help keep your back safe and supple. A flexible...

Yoga for Better Sleep - A Workshop

Spain | September 28 2019
$30 Per Person
1 night

Learn to create your own personal yoga sequence for better sleep